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Fan Soakers by Agpro®
The Ultimate Cow Cooling Solution!


    Right:  Cows in a dairy located in central Florida being cooled by the Agpro FanSoaker System

    Far Right:  FanSoaker Controls at the same dairy.

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Cow Cooling
Cow Cooling the Agpro way:

Cow Cooling Cool Cattle DairyThe standard 3 minutes of cow soaking then 12 minutes drying time when dairy cow cooling is inefficient and wasteful. Cow cooling is required when temperatures reach about 74 degrees.  At these temperatures, a little soaker water is helpful to keep cows comfortable.  As temperatures increase, soak times should also increase. Humidity also affects the effectiveness of cow cooling and should be considered when determining soak and dry times.

The Agpro® FanSoaker Cow Cooling System monitors both temperature and humidity. Based upon a preset user defined profile, cow wetting and drying times are calculated to provide optimum water usage. This eliminates wasted water and reduces heat stress potential for cows. The bottom line is more milk andless water and power usage.

In addition to providing water usage optimization the cooling system provides automatic starting and stopping of 2 banks of fans for each cow group. Normally, the first bank of fans start at 70 degrees and the second bank at 72 degrees. Fans turn off when temperatures drop below the set points.

The controller has one other unique feature. An external push button is available to temporarily shut down all fans and cow soakers.  This allows the milkers to shut the cow cooling system off while cows are being milked or herdsmen can shut off the system when soakers and fans may annoy men performing herd health tasks. After a predetermined time the system returns to normal operation. This feature can save thousands of dollars per year in reduced electrical consumption, less water usage and less wear on fans.  The Agpro® FanSoakerTM system also reduces cow heat stress, a proven inhibitor of milk production.

The FanSoakerTM system is used exclusively by Agpro® , the leader in dairy technology for over 40 years.

Check Out These Features:

  • Intelligent controller automatically monitors temperature and humidity.
  • Currently the only system using  Wireless communications modules between individual controllers that allow dairymen to sync settings and times between all controllers, which eliminates potential for error.
  • Wireless also allows you to place controllers as far apart as necessary, without running wires and cables between.
  • Rugged electronics are built from the ground up for the dairy environment.
  • Programmable on and off temperatures allow the dairyman to fully customize to meet his needs.
  • A weather-tight enclosure ensures the controller's reliability in unprotected outdoor environments.
  • Manual controls add another layer of integrated redundancy, and allows the dairyman to turn fans and sprayers off when milking.
  • Distributed Industrial control system prevents system failure
  • First Modular Controller design that is plug and play, meaning that in the event of an individual unit failing, redundant  networked controllers will continue to operate all sprayers.
  • Only System to monitor both Temperature and Humidity, and base decisions on when to spray on both factors.


The diagrams illustrate the differences between a typical standard controller's soak time and the dry time compared to the Agpro® FS400 automatic cow cooling controller. Typically a temperature switch activates a repeat cycle timer (at 72 degrees) that turns on the soaker for 3 minutes and turns off the soaker for 12 minutes. (See red curves below.)

Technology that  Monitors both Temperature and Humidity

The Agpro® controller monitors both temperature and humidity. The soak time varies from 1 minute to 4 minutes based on temperature. The dry time varies from 4 minutes to 20 minutes depending on the humidity. This results in a more efficient use of water and the ability for the controller to adjust amount of cooling based on weather conditions.

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